Non NHS work fees 2019

*Please note that there is no longer a charge for patient access to their own medical records, unless the request is deemed excessive and an administration charge will be applicable. Postage remains chargeable.

Private medical certificate
Private travel prescription
Travel abroad
Holiday cancellation certificate
Holiday cancellation insurance form
Fitness to travel
Private health insurance form
Sickness / accident claim form
International certificate of vaccination
GP Report
GP supplementary report
GP Report & examination
Employer’s report
Coroner’s report
Solicitor’s report
Assessment of capacity without home vist
Assessment of capacity with home visit
HGV / Taxi / PSV
Racing driver / driving / pilot
Adoption / fostering medicals
Power of Attorney
Witness only
Report only
Examination only
All the above carried out at the same time
Patient access to records
Paternity blood test
Firearm licence
Full copy medical records
Computerised medical records
General letter requested by patient dependent on detail
Child protection / safeguarding

Please note: We do not sign passports or driving licenses